Hello!  My name is Maya,   I am just about to turn 2 years old.  I do have all my claws but all i need is a scratching post to satisfy me.  I was the first kitty to be rescued by PPAR and I'm still waiting for my furever home.  I can get along with dogs, but I need some time to adjust.   I don't like kittens too much, but as i mature i am learning to like friends.

Mr. Beans

My name is Mr. Beans.  PPAR rescued me and now is finding me a new home.  I am about a year old.  They say I am a dwarf bunny. I only have a long hair on my head and brown spots on my white body.  I am a playful little boy and looking for my furever home.  I am friendly and dont mind being held.   

Xavier and Billy

Hello.  We are Xavier (grey) and Billy (tabby) .Our birthdays are at the beginning of 2011.  We are a playful pair.  PPAR has labeled us a pair adoption.  We came from our previous home together and won't be happy without eachother.   We are both big boys and are neutered and 4 paw declawed.   We love to be held and cuddle ... all day if you'd let us.    


Jean Claw Van Damme

My name is Jean Claw Van Damme, JC for short.  I was born on 8/8/12 and I am a big boy.  I am a going to be a long haired cat when I am all grown up.  I like to just sit and relax... and eat.  I love love love to eat eat eat....  Is it lunch time?


My name is Monica.  I'm believed to be a dalmation and shepherd mix. I recently started developing spots... a dalmation trait.  I was born at the end of December and I'm beyond ready to go to my new  furever home.   I am very playful.  If you are thinking about taking me home, fill out an application quick! My foster mommy said I'm a catch! :)  I'd be happiest going home with my foster brother Cameron.


We have many many kittens not pictured.  As you probably know, playful kittens don't sit too still :).   If you are interested in a kitten (or the 2fur), Please complete an application.  We have every color from grey to tabby to grey and white.  



HI!   I'm Gabby Girl.  I am a playful little girl with lots of energy.  I love to play...and play... and eat.... and play.  I am a coonhound mix and my Birthday is January 4th 2013!  



Hello!  My name is Margie.  I am a coon hound mix born on January 4th 2013!   I am a playful little girl that likes kids...cats...and dogs!   I am ready for my furever home, and I found it!  Im furever home with my family and kids!




Ill Tell you about me.... but don't interrupt my cat nap.  My name is Dixie and as you can tell, I'm a chill kitty.  I like to play but also enjoy my private time.  I am full of spunk and energy especially because I'm just a kitten born at the beginning of April 2012.  



Did you know that gray kitties are the best.... I'm not just saying that because I'm gray.... They just are.

My name is Misty and I was born at the beginning of April 2012.    I enjoy wet food and lounging by the window.   



HI!  I'm a Staffie.  I was born on 6/15/2012.   I love to snuggle and give hi five. 



My name is Daphne.  I am a great pitbull mix.  I was born on 8/23/2012.  I enjoy eating, playing, kisses and eating.  Did i mention i like to eat?  I am not picky at all... any snack you give... I'll eat.   I'm hungry....



 My name is Orion.  My mommy and daddy loved me very much but they had lost their house and didn't have a choice but to give me up and give me a second chance.  I was born in May of 2011 and I weigh in at a mighty 70 pounds!  I am a laid back rottweiler that will enjoy just hanging around.  I'm good with kids and other dogs but don't like to share my food with doggy friends.  


  My name is Cameron.  I can also sit and come. I am really good at getting in my kennel when told to. I love water and playing in my pool (and filling it with dirt hehe). I require a kiddie pool :).  My birthday is 3/8/12.  I am believed to be a husky/shepherd mix, can ya see it?  I am a BIG boy, but i have a BIG heart to go with it.    I have the best of both breeds.  If I must say myself, i really am a cool pup and they are teaching me how to talk.... I can almost say "I wuv you".   



My name is Petie. I am a cockatiel.  II have found my furever place!  Thanks pitter patter for taking such great care of me!


Hi!  I'm Wilma!  I am a teddy bear hamster.  PPAR took me in when my family had to relocate.  I am about 5 years old.  I am a good girl.  I like carrots and yogis.  I am not keen on romaine lettuce or fake wood chew sticks!  It's like chewing on styra-foam!  No thanks!  



Tinkerbelle is the perfect name for me... I'm dainty, sweet, and light on my feet.  I was born at the beginning of January and I'm ready to find my furever home.  I am a quiet little girl that loves attention.  I am told that I may be the pup of a Terrier Mix.   Whatever I may be, its ok with me.  I am crate trained and almost fully house trained.  I go to my "kennel" on command. :)


My name is Madisyn.  I was born at the end of December.  I am a loving little girl that loves to be held.  I'm good on a leash but prefer for you to just hold me :).  I don't talk too much and i am a great listener, that must be the terrier in me!

adrian, Leo and frankie

FINALLY we are home! Furever home with our wonderful mommy and our kitty sibling Tink.  We are so happy to have been adopted all together :)  3 muscateers, together furever!



I am a Terrier mix by the name of Huntlee... I was born at the end of December.  I love to be pet and play.  I am a beautiful dark brindle.  um... I cant think of one thing wrong with me :)  hehe.  I'm just as perfect as can be :)



Napoleon.... Thats ME!  I was born at the end of December 2011.  I am a big boy that loves to play.  I am pretty good on a leash considering 10 days ago, I had never been on one before.  They guess me to be a Terrier and Shepherd mix... but who knows and who cares! Love me for me! :)  As you can see... I'm a handsome brindle and white. 


I LOVE MY NEW HOME!  I gots kids... and cats.... and a doggy sister!  I got fabulous Grandparents to watch me and spoil me! ahhh.... the life of a spoiled dog!

Valentine aka Molly

My name is Molly and i'm finally in my furever home with my big sister Emily.  My daddy loves us very much :)   I am so happy :::))))

Fiona Candie Bobbi

We are Fiona, Candie and Bobbi.  We are BIG teddy bear hamsters believed to be between 2 and 3 years old.  My sisters and I are friendly, don't mind being held and haven't attempted to nibble on anyone.  We enjoy yogis, romaine lettuce, carrots and walks.  We are good with kids and loud sounds.  There are 3 of us so if you would like to have all of us, we would love that... ya know... 3 


Buster is my name...  I love to be outside! on a harness of course!  I love romaine, carrots, pellets, yogis and celery!  I am potty trained, for the most part.  I don't mind being picked up, but because I am a BIG bunny, just pick me up the right way... scoop!  and now, i found my furever home!   I have 2 bunny siblings and a wonderful family to love me furever!



Puuuurrrrrrrrr!  My name is Sarafina....  I am a lovable little girl.  I am a little over 1 year old and I love attention.  I got to go to my new home with a doggy brother... I love company and to play.   They say I look most like an Ocicat... hmmmm.....  now, i found my home with 2 kids :)


I am BEAU.  shhhh...... i was playing hide and seek!   I am now in my furever home all thanks to the wonderful lady that brought me in!  I will now grow old with my buddy Ted.


I'm TED! I am now in my furever home with my Buddy BEAU!.  We are happier than ever :)


HI!  I'm Rozie and thanks to PPAR I am now in MY furever home.  I have a brother named Toby and a mommy and auntie who love me very very much!  My brother now lives with my auntie!  yay!


Hello. My name is Zoey.  I am a wonderful pit mix.  I was born on 10/24/2011.  I am black and white and sweet all over. I am a sweet little girl and a quick learner.  I like cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters.... basically I love everyone.   



HI! I'm Rufio.  And i found my furever home with Willy and Wonka! 


Willy and Wonka

Howdy! I am Willy and thats my brother Wonka back there.  We are gerbils and we found our forever home.  We are friendly and we are even potty trained!  we only poop in the upper compartment of our cage which you just remove to clean.  We like to be clean.  Our favorite snacks are carrots, we love carrots.  We got adopted by the bestest little boy :)


Who are you?  I am Curious George!  I was born on 5/23/2011.  I was rescued by PPAR before I was to be euthanized!  I am great with kids and dogs! I obviously am very curious.  I have lots of energy, but boy am I fun to watch!  I love food and i'm sure you would love me, but tooooo late.  My wonderful furever family got me... and my brother... and my sister :)


I'm Dulce, and this is my toy.  I was born on 5/18/2011.  I enjoy playing with my sister, Pancha, and sitting at the water bowl.  I am a playful kitten.  I am GREAT with kids and like to be held.  I am a beautiful calico and would be a beautiful part of your family!


NEEE NER neeee ner neee ner!  I wont let you take my piccccture!  But as you can tell, I got my name because I look like a Baca (cow in spanish).  I am an overly lovable little boy... Well, I'm a little chunkier since they tried taking my photo  :)

Ivy and Damien (Maddie and Jake)


Hi!  My name is Ivy.  I was born on 3/28/2011.  Im a quiet princess unless I'm beating up my brother, Damien.  But that's only because he bites me first!  I would love to go into a home with him, he is my bestest friend.  I like to sleep, and eat.. oh, and sleep.  

Greeting PPAR visitors!  My name is Damien.  I was born on May 28th 2011.  They say i am fun to watch when i play and i forget where my feet are... I don't know why they say that, my feet are right here.  Anyways, I am a playful little guy and I love to play with my sister.  My sister, Ivy, is up for adoption too.  I'd like to be adopted with her.  PPAR said they would try to keep us together. 

And PPAR succeeded, We are now in our loving forever home with 4 children! We are happy as can be together!

Champ aka Arrow


My name is Champ aka Arrow.  PPAR rescued my whole family and I'm now in my furever home!  I am more spoiled than I'd ever think I could be!  I even have a vacation home :)  Thanks PPAR!

Logan and Orion (aka Logan and Hunter)

Hey There, my name is Logan.  My brother, Orion, and I are a pair. He isn't as photogenic as I.  He is black with a spot of white on his chest. My family recently left us with PPAR because they had to relocate. I love attention and to rub all over you.  My brother and I are both 3 years old.  We are great with other animals and kids! AND NOW we have a WONDERFUL home!  how could you not fall in love with us?!  Harley's mom did!  We are soo lucky! PPAR kept us together!

Casey (aka Harley Spaetzle)

Meow! I'm Casey aka Harley Spaetzle.  A wonderful lady found me screaming in her backyard and brought me to PPAR inc.  I'm only about 5 weeks old, which makes my b-day May 16th 2011.  They keep saying I'm a Maine Coon, whatever that is.  I'm still on a bottle and wont be ready to go home for about 3 weeks.  But when I am, I already have a wonderful Mommy and 2 siblings waiting for me at my new home!

Trixie (aka Sofie)

My name is Sofie now! And HI! I'm in my forever home thanks to PPAR.  I'm as happy as I can be with my Mom and Dad.  I'm my Dad's first kitty :)

Lucifer (aka Momo)

HEY!  My name is Momo aka Lucifer.  I was the first kitten adopted out from PPAR inc.  I am now in my wonderful forever home.  I have a brother now.  He hits me but he said that's what brothers do.  Thank you PPAR for helping me find my forever home!